A person wearing a jacket walking through a field of lupine with the ocean in the background

Rine Karr (rin-ē kär) (she/they) is a SF/F writer by moonlight and a copy editor by daylight, with a background in anthropology/archaeology, international human rights, and Buddhist studies/art history. As an inquisitive person by nature, Rine spends a lot of time reading books, drinking tea, and meditating. Rine also loves to travel and once called Hong Kong and London home; however, Rine currently lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains on the traditional land of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Sioux, and Ute. Rine is currently—and almost always—in the midst of writing a novel.

Additionally, Rine has moonlighted as a contributing writer at Girls in Capes, a chief copy editor and contributing writer at the Eisner Award winning Women Write About Comics, as well as a blog formatter and financial administrator for WriteOnCon. In 2020, Rine participated in the Cybils Awards as a first round panelist for the Young Adult Fiction/Speculative Fiction categories.