Rine Karr (pronounced /’rin kär/) is a writer and aspiring novelist by moonlight and a copyeditor by daylight.

Originally from western New York state, but currently living in Colorado, she spent four years in northwestern Pennsylvania, two years in Washingon DC, and has also lived in Hong Kong and London.

She loves telling and consuming stories, especially novels, manga, anime, video games, and offbeat films.

As a former museum professional working in collections management and documentation, she has a strong passion for cultural heritage preservation, Buddhism, and traveling. She studied anthropology, archaeology, and religious studies as an undergrad, and international human rights, political economy, Buddhist studies, and Buddhist art in graduate school.

She’s also the Chief Copyeditor and an occasional contributor at Women Write About Comics, as well as an Anime Writer at Girls in Capes.

Rine is currently in the midst of writing a novel.

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