Blogging Is Dead, and Other Aphorisms* – Welcome to my blog!

I am a Millennial, a person born between the years 1981 and 1996, although I fall in the forepart of that time span. I can remember life before the internet and cell phones and (God forbid) Netflix and Crunchyroll. I used to take quarters to school in case I needed to use the payphone. And I watched Sailor Moon for the first time on USA.

When I went to college, I had a flip phonean LG from Verizonand I didn’t get a smart phone until much, much later. Still, I grew up on a healthy dose of AOL and Windows 98. I was making websites and fanpages covered in GIFs and MIDIs when I was thirteen. I kept a LiveJournal, and at the time of its conception, I embraced Facebook. (For better or worse. My contemporaries did invent it after all.)

And now they say, “Blogging is dead”they as in the collective they, whoever they areand it’s true to some extent. I’ve had many blogs over the years, given my Millennial status, but I haven’t had one for a long time now. After everyone migrated from LiveJournal to blogs in 2010, I had a travel blog, a brief attempt at a fashion blog, a “personal” blog (whatever that means), and some Tumblrs, but I’ve long since deleted them, and in 2015, I moved to writing for websites like WWAC and Girls in Capes. I tried Medium once (twice), but it never caught on for me.

Google Reader’s demise in 2013 was the nail in the coffin for me and blogs. I began reading less and less, eventually using Twitter mainly for my news. Then it seemed that around 2015, lots of people migrated again, this time from blogs to email newsletters, and I tried this too. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get tired of newsletters, and I’m finding myself craving blogs again.

And that’s why I’m here, dear readers. Reader, I am ready to bring blogs back. So many websites I loved and cherished and that started off as humble blogs have since gone into monetization and commercialization, or have simply disappeared. I’m craving those early, genuine blogs again, written for the sake of writing alone.

Of course, I understand the importance of monetization for certain media. (You can donate to Girls in Capes. Please donate to Girls in Capes at the bottom of this link!). But that’s not what I’m hoping to do here in this space. I’m just hoping to write about the things I lovespecifically about writing fiction, Buddhist studies and art, food, travel, and whatever else I can’t write about elsewhere.

So, welcome to my blog!

*Is “Blogging is dead” an aphorism? An aphorism is “a terse saying embodying a general truth or astute observation.” I suppose it is a terse saying, often overused by the media. What do you think, reader?

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