Here’s a selection of Rine’s writing. In addition to the subsequent works, Rine has written two unpublished dissertations, one on historic preservation for her Bachelor’s and one comparing Buddha and Tīrthaṅkara sculptures for her Master’s.

Girls in Capes
• “Staying Inspired in Dark Times with Fuyumi Ono’s The Twelve Kingdoms” on Girls in Capes (28 November 2016)
• “Three Sports Anime to Get You Moving!” on Girls in Capes (22 August 2016)
• “Guardians of Heaven and the Deep Sea: Haruka and Michiru’s Relationship in Sailor Moon” on Girls in Capes (17 June 2016)
• “Womanhood in Anime: My Favorite Women Role Models in Anime” on Girls in Capes (18 March 2016)
• “The Monogatari Series: A (Problematic) Favorite Anime” on Girls in Capes (14 October 2015)
• “Crossdressing Girls and Swords: Three Golden Age Anime You Should Be Watching” on Girls in Capes (28 August 2015)
• “A Golden Age Anime Reboot: The Heroic Legend of Arslan” on Girls in Capes (17 August 2015)
• “Strength and Independence in Yona of the Dawn” on Girls in Capes (10 July 2015)

Women Write About Comics
• “Dusting Off the Bookshelf: A Return to Philip Pullman with La Belle Sauvage” on Bookmarked (1 December 2017)
• “To an Earth of Green Purity: Technology and Environmentalism in Miyazaki’s Films” on Ms En Scene (19 March 2017)
• “Anime At 30 – What To Do When You Experience Anime Burn Out” on Ms En Scene (21 May 2016)
• “Books That Shaped Me: His Dark Materials” on Bookmarked (16 September 2015)
• “Wandering in The Endless Forest: My Nostalgia and Tale of Tales” on Sidequest (15 July 2015)
• “You Are What You Watch: Which Five Anime Shaped Your Life?” on Ms En Scene (24 February 2015)
• “I Was Comics Non-Compliant Until Bitch Planet Showed Me How It Was Going To Be” on Women Write About Comics (8 January 2015)

Other Articles
• “I Got Rid Of My Car 8 Years Ago, And Here’s How Much I Spend On Transport Now” on The Financial Diet (1 March 2016)
• “You Belong In A Museum, Or Maybe Not” on Femsplain (22 October 2015)
• “Why I Can’t Vote Republican: An Open Letter” on Lip Magazine (13 May 2015)
• “Real Life Minimalists: Rine” on Miss Minimalist (16 February 2015)

• “A fleeting encounter in India” (short story, nonfiction) in Railonama (3 April 2014)

• “I’m With Her, I Am Her” (poem) in State of the Union Zine (26 April 2017)
• “On Fearing My Breasts” (personal essay) in Eleanor: A Zine, Volume 2: The Body Image Edition (4 May 2016)
• “Hermit Crabs” (illustration) in Monsters of the Deep (19 July 2014)

• “#50: Rine Karr” on Anime Origin Stories (11 June 2017)

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