Here’s a selection of my writing from around the internet. For additional work, please see my portfolio blog. I also write a TinyLetter newsletter called “Crying Over Spilled Milk.”

“A fleeting encounter in India” (nonfiction short story) in Railonama (3 April 2014)

#50: Rine Karr” on Anime Origin Stories (11 June 2017)
I Got Rid Of My Car 8 Years Ago, And Here’s How Much I Spend On Transport Now” on The Financial Diet (1 March 2016)
You Belong In A Museum, Or Maybe Not” on Femsplain (22 October 2015)
Strength and Independence in Yona of the Dawn” on Girls in Capes (10 July 2015)
(Read more of my work on Girls in Capes here.)
Why I Can’t Vote Republican: An Open Letter (To my dad)” on Lip Magazine (13 May 2015)
You Are What You Watch: Which Five Anime Shaped Your Life?” on Women Write About Comics (24 February 2015)
(Read more of my work on Women Write About Comics here.)
Real Life Minimalists: Rine” on Miss Minimalist (16 February 2015)

I’m With Her, I Am Her” (poem) in State of the Union Zine (26 April 2017)
On Fearing My Breasts” (personal essay) in Eleanor: A Zine, Volume 2: The Body Image Edition (4 May 2016)

In addition to the preceding works, I’ve written two dissertations for academia, one on historic preservation for my B.A. and one comparing Buddha and Tīrthaṅkara sculptures from Mathurā for my M.A. These papers have not been published, but are available upon request.

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